Living with HIV

What a life with HIV is like cannot be definitively stated. Naturally the experience differs from person to person, as well as varying during different periods of a person’s life.

As an organisation we learn about many of the questions being asked by people living with HIV. Psychosocial vulnerability may still be considerable. Questions to do with medication, relationships and sex are common. At Positiva Gruppen Väst we are in contact every day with people who are living with HIV, which provides us with a multitude of different stories and perspectives.

Today there are 6 500 people in Sweden who are aware of living with HIV. Many others have never been tested and therefore do not know their HIV status. Most people who transmit the virus do not know that they are carrying HIV

HIV is something you live with. Everyone in Sweden is entitled to free treatment. This treatment is currently so effective that virus amounts are diminished to unmeasurable levels. A life with HIV implies medication, and for many people this means side effects as well. It is also possible, however, that a person in treatment never even feels ill. Moreover, when the treatment is working there is a minimal risk of transferring the virus.

Still, learning that you have HIV is often distressful. People react very differently, and most feel many different things at the same time. Many begin to reflect a lot and ask a lot of questions. It can be easier to live with HIV if you talk to people close to you. Through us you can also come into contact with people who have similar experiences.