Positiva Gruppen Väst

Positiva Gruppen Väst is a resource for people affected by HIV. As a rights organisation, our work is both supportive and communicative.

PG Väst is an important forum for everyone who is affected by HIV, regardless of whether you are HIV positive, a partner, relative or friend, or if you are involved with HIV issues for some other reason.

Factors such as sexual preferences, gender identity, nationality, asylum status, religion, functionality, class and political views are of no significance. Everyone is welcome.

Support and counselling

PG Väst can give you advice, support and information. We provide one-to-one counselling with life situation support to people who are living with HIV. Our work is based primarily on peer-to-peer encounters, which means meeting someone with similar experiences. Support and counselling is also intended for partners, relatives and friends.

Social activities

We provide a place where people affected by HIV can meet. We believe it is important to have a place where you can gain and give strength to others, share you experiences and encourage each other. Our activities are usually connected with knowledge and experience exchanges.

Communicative work

Many misconceptions of and prejudices about HIV still exist, and affect HIV positive people in the form of discrimination, stigma and inconsiderate or inept treatment. We therefore put a lot of our effort into education, information and attitude changing. What we want to do is simply increase knowledge and awareness in society. This work is also important in preventing the spread of HIV. By collaborating with medical care services, government agencies and other bodies and interest groups, we want to highlight common issues from an HIV positive perspective.